Sizing & Care

How to treat me right

Honey Let’s Hide celebrates all body types and we aim to mirror this with our products. Every feature of your adornment should be cherished as the product ages with you. 

♡ I will age with you.

As leather ages and is exposed to the elements it develops something called patina. Every touch, ray of sunshine, drip of water or speck of dust can contribute to making it look loved.The patina that happens to your adornment is something that makes it distinctive to you. Just like the changes your skin goes through, the patina should be loved and accepted.  

♡ I like it rough but in the right ways. 

We encourage amorous activities wholeheartedly but be aware that the leather will feel it too. Rough surfaces will scuff the leather, so your adornment will wear any moments of passion on her forever. 

♡ I don’t need you to get me wet. 

There is an array of things that naturally will come into contact with your adornment that may taint it.Sweat, perfume, alcohol, and even the rain can contribute to marking your item but it’s how your adornment expresses it’s relationship with you. Please adore your adornment in its entirety just like you should your body. 

♡ I can handle the heat, if it’s in the right way.

Should your adornment get wet, please be sure to leave her draped over a chair or wipe her dry. She likes to dry naturally so please ensure to keep her away from any heat source in your home or you may hurt her. 

How to measure

Please note that all measurements are in centimetres.

1.Using a soft measuring tape, measure all the way around the part of your body displayed in the diagrams below. 

2.When measuring, ensure not to hold the tape too tightly, allow room for active movement. We recommend that the tape should be taught but comfortably allowing two fingers inside. 

3.If your adornment is intended to be worn over clothing, please allow for this. Measure on top of your clothing to allow for the extra room. 

4.We recommend you choose the size option which corresponds comfortably to your measurements. If you can't find an option to suit your physique then please get in touch at