About Honey, Let’s Hide

The Concept Behind Our Women's Leather Lingerie

Leather is one of man’s earliest discoveries. Used to shield our ancestors from the elements, it’s a material that we’ve had a connection to for a long time.

Our founder has worked with the material for years and chooses it because of its long lasting qualities, the natural comfort and the uniqueness that every piece owns as it ages. It’s primitive origins make it a perfect fit for you, bare or clothed.

Sexy leather lingerie that stands for something

High Quality

You don’t deserve mediocre. We know that. Our products are made by hand. There’s not a machine in sight so when your item arrives you can feel the love that’s been poured into it. The leather is 100% pure vegetable tanned and produced on full grain shoulders so you know you’re only getting quality.


We celebrate women. HLH believes that femininity is something that comes from within and is not rendered by body size, skin colour, personality trait or style. Our mission is to turn that power on.


We don’t believe in the notion of being ‘lady-like’ we believe that you harness your power from within. Our adornments are designed to be simple but significant in that we keep a minimal style but the results you feel are monumental.


In a world where you can be anyone, we want you to be you. In your most rawest, unapologetic and authentic form. Whether your bedroom life needs a dash of desire or your outfit needs a sprinkle of sexy, our items do both.


Be it for yourself, for your partner or your life in general. We want you to desire every inch of your existence. We believe intimacy should seep through areas of your life and we are here to entice this.

You’ve spent too long not loving yourself…

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